The Season of Lent 2018

THE SUNDAYS OF LENT are the building blocks of the Season. Week by week,the Sunday liturgy draws us more and more deeply into the Lenten season and in preparation for the Easter Mysteries. Week by week we will outline here the main themes of the Sunday Gospels for Lent.


 Sunday 18 February 2018. 1st Sunday of Lent. Mark 1:12-15

On the 1st Sunday of Lent, the Gospel is always the Temptations (testings?) of Jesus in the period between his baptism and the beginning of his ministry. This year, we read Mark’s account of this episode. Unlike Matthew and Luke, Mark does not list the temptations. He merely tells us that: 
“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the wilderness and he remained there for forty days, and was tempted by Satan. He was with the wild beasts, and the angels looked after him”.
What we do know is that Jesus emerged victorious from this because he immediately begins to proclaim the Good News that the Kingdom of God is at hand. So what’s going on here? 

The ‘testings’ of Jesus come between his baptism and the star of his proclamation of the Kingdom of God. When Jesus was baptised, the remarkable event of the presence of the Father, Son and holy Spirit (the only time this ever happened in a way that human senses could experience) meant that thee Godhead, the Holy Trinity. was present to the world of humans. God the Father speaks (a rare occurrence, because Jesus is the Word of God who speaks); the Son of God immerses whimsy in the River Jordan and in his Mission; and the Holy Spirit is seen in the form of a dove (we don’t know why a dove, but we do know that spirits, and therefore the Holy Spirit, are not usually visible). The presence of God in the world of humans is a powerful sign that God intends to destroy the power of evil once and for all. But will God, or Satan win? The fact that Jesus emerges from the desert and immediately proclaims the kingdom of God is at hand is a powerful indicator that the power of Satan is soon to be destroyed. Satan’s total defeat comes with Jesus’ death and resurrection, but in Jesus prevailing at this period of testing, Satan is served formal notice that evil is already on the way to total defeat. 



Low Moss Stations – update

The ‘Low Moss Stations’ Continued!

Tuesday 21 November 2017 – a memorable day for St. Matthew’s Parish when along with members of local churches, some parishioners went to HMP Low Moss for a very moving service of dedication of the Stations of the Cross as depicted by inmates past and present. The Stations had been crafted in Mosaic form during St. Matthew’s 70th anniversary year, and had been in place in the church for some time. Now they are relocated in a prominent and public part of the prison chaplains Revv. Martin Forrest, Deacon Kenny McGeachie, and John Gannon and  worked on the format of the stations,. Inmates, some of whom had worked on the Stations, led a very moving service of dedication which was introduced by Canon Robert Hill of St. Matthew’s, and opened and closed with prayer and blessing by Archbishop Mario Conti, former Archbishop of Glasgow. The occasion was a wonderful and memorable coming together of church and prison communities.

Also on the agenda on that day were the unveiling of the altar and chair, made by Low Moss inmates under the supervision of Officer Vincent Stewart and his colleagues. The altar will be used when we move into the church during the renovation work which will take place in St. Matthew’s, and the church next year. The chair is already in use.

St. Matthew’s Parish Community would like to acknowledge our sincere and deepest gratitude to all at Low Moss for their reaching out to our parish, and to pledge our prayers and good wishes for all at Low Moss.


Photo record of the memorable day below, as well as a picture of the Low Moss Chair in form of a Celtic Cross, drawing on the St. Matthew Cross on Iona, outside the Abbey Building.

The Stations on display, and the guys who led the service


Hard at work on the altar and the chair


The chair in place in St. Matthew’s Church