Our campaign to raise funds for the re-building of the church is now up and running. We are inviting people – parishioners, past parishioners, friends of St. Matthew’s Parish to make a contribution to this work.

This week, campaign materials are being delivered to every household in the parish. These give details of the  money we need to raise. We have already collected £900,000 over many years from the generosity of the parish community: we now need to raise another £500,000 to complete it. This will require the taking out of a loan, and we therefore need to demonstrate our ability to make the repayments.

To do so, we are embarking on a programme of ‘planned giving’, that is in inviting members of the parish community, former parishioners, friends of St. Matthew’s from all over to consider taking out a pledge, preferably on the basis of a Standing Order over a period of time, and if at all possible, augmented by GIFT AID. 

For those who do not have materials delivered, or who live outwith the parish, the campaign materials can be collected from and returned to the church on any day of the week, preferably after one of the Masses.

In 1946, the Catholic Community in Bishopbriggs made the extraordinary commitment to creating a new parish and building a new church, opened in 1950. Think of their heroism in doing this just after the end of the Second World War! Their foresight, their courage, their determination and in those days their sacrifices gave us a church which for almost 70 years has served the parish – at baptisms, first communions, Christmas and Easter celebrations, Confirmations, weddings and of course sadly, but all too importantly, funerals. We now have the chance to do our own bit in ensuring this church, with the fabric enhanced, facilities improved, accessibility increased, will continue to serve parishioners and their families for many more years to come!

With grateful thanks in anticipation of your positive response,

Canon Robert Hill,

Parish Priest, St. Matthew’s.


St. Matthew’s – the Next 70 Years; Fundraising Campaign

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