Diocesan Safeguarding Conversation:The Independent Review Group (IRG), established by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, wants to meet within each Diocese to hear how people have been affected by abuse/safeguarding issues and how we improve and move forward.  Everyone’s opinions matter. The Archdiocese of Glasgow is the first Diocese in Scotland to hold one of these conversations.  Please find below information for this event.  The IRG are hoping to reach out to both parishioners and those who no longer practice their faith. 

Here is their invitation to those affected in any way by abuse or safeguarding issues:

When Pope Francis met with the Presidents of Episcopal Conferences in February this year, he called for ‘an all-out battle against abuse’. Scotland has been at the forefront of this battle.

Keeping children and vulnerable adults safe in our parishes and wider communities is the responsibility of ALL of us. Our Safeguarding Manual ‘In God’s Image’ directs the approach to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults at every level of the Catholic Church in Scotland.  While an important tool in our continued efforts to keep our church community safe, the Archdiocese of Glasgow is clear that this manual is only one part of this battle. 

That is why we are very happy to join with the Independent Review Group, established by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, to meet with people to hear how they have been affected by these issues and how we improve and move forward. The Archdiocese of Glasgow is committed to the highest standards of safeguarding.  Archbishop Tartaglia said recently: “The abuse crisis has been a terrible sadness and an immense shock for us all. In addressing it, we are determined to get it right and make sure nothing of the kind ever happens again.”

You are invited to a special conversation event to reflect on these issues on Saturday 7th September 2019, 12 – 3pm, at the Archdiocesan Office 196 Clyde Street G1 4JY.  Even if you have not been directly and personally affected by issues of abuse, you have an opinion which matters.

 Please telephone the Safeguarding Team on 0141 226 5898 or email safeguardingadministrator@rcag.org.uk  to book a place. 

Caterina O’Connor MA(Hons), CQSW, Dip Child Protection, DipTraining Practice, is Safeguarding Adviser & Diocesan Safeguarding Trainer, writes: “I am hopeful that no one will be prevented from attending because they cannot afford to travel to Glasgow, can’t travel on public transport because of a disability and/or are a lone parent and have no child care.  If you know anyone who might require some (limited) financial assistance, for any reason, please let me know and we will arrange something If you have any questions regarding this then please do not hesitate in contacting me”.

St. Matthew’s Parish is fully committed to ensuring that the commitment of the Scottish Bishops to keeping children and vulnerable adults safe in our parish. We fully subscribe to the ideals set out by the Catholic Bishops of Scotland:

Our Commitment to Safeguarding by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland:

“All Components of the Catholic Church in Scotland, especially those in positions of leadership and responsibility, value the lives, wholeness, safety and well-being of each individual person within God’s purpose for everyone.  We seek to uphold the highest safeguarding standards in our relationships with people of all ages who are involved in whatever capacity with the Church and its organisations.  And therefore, as a Church community, we accept that it is the responsibility of all of us – ordained, professed, employed and voluntary – to work together to protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse or harm.”

For information on how to contact the Safeguarding Office and Personnel of the Archdiocese of Glasgow, click here:

Safeguarding – Diocesan Safeguarding Conversation:

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