SUNDAY MASSES 9.30 am, 11 am.

Weekday Mass: will be at 10.00 am, ;

Great news! from Sunday 25 October 2020, we will be returning to full use of the church for all celebrations and liturgies. It’s been a long wait, but at last, we can return to our church, after its extensive refurbishment and extension.

We’ve been lucky to celebrate First communions – it’s lovely to think our First Communicants this year were the first parishioners to attend Mass in the new-look church, and it’s hard to think of a more fitting celebration to open the chrch once more than our children receiving Eucharist for the very first time.

More celebrations will follow soon. Due to Covid, our scheduled confirmations could not take place. The young people due for Confirmation, who are now at Secondary School, will be confirmed across the dates of 2, 3 4 November. Archbishop Tartaglia will celebrate one of these confirmation Masses nd Canon Hill will celebrate the other two.

Soon, we will be celebrating Baptisms (we have a spectacular font near the door of the church), and we expect some weddings to be celebrated too. In short, we will be doing as much as possible to restore al our parish celebrations, even if the numbers attending are strictly limited across the country

So, here are the regulations as they now stand and affect us:

The maximum number of people who can be admitted to the church is 28, so we have continued the Eventbrite online booking system.

For those with access to the internet (either in person or through family/friends) can book online. approximately 20 persons per day can be admitted in this way.

There will also be 6 places for those who do not have internet access. These places will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

To book online please click HERE

We can now celebrate baptisms and marriages, but with restrictions regarding numbers – 20 is currently the maximum number for baptisms and funerals.

No liturgical function, or even visits for private prayer, can take place without parish stewards being present.

Because of this, we cannot leave the church open except for the period before public Mass.


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