Dear friends, in recent weeks you may have heard something of the grave news from Tigray in northern Ethiopia. An armed conflict between the federal and regional governments has escalated into a shocking humanitarian crisis. We are hearing harrowing reports of tens of thousands of families displaced from their homes and that as many as 4.5 million people are without access to basic food, medical and sanitary supplies across the region! We have been working in Tigray for many years where our trusted partners the Daughters of Charity normally serve over 24,000 children Mary’s Meals. We are now working with the Daughters of Charity to respond to this crisis and provide support to children and families affected by this crisis. As people of faith we are asking you to partner with us by holding the people of Tigray and the emergency work we are doing there in your prayers. To find out more about this appeal please visit Thank you.  Here too is the link for the live stream of our Global Rosary for Mary’s Meals which will take place at 6pm GMT, Thursday 18th February: Please do feel free to join and to let your parishioners know if appropriate.  If you have any questions about this please get in touch with Thomas Black at Mary’s Meals (   Thank you for everything you do for Mary’s Meals and God Bless!  Elaine Marie Boyce

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