You will no doubt have heard the welcome news about churches now having a maximum capacity of 50 for services and other events. It has to be noted, an indeed stressed however that the figure of 50 is dependent on how many people the church can accommodate and still observe the 2 metre distance all round.

This is not so great news for us, because due to the size of our pews in the building, we are still limited to a maximum of 28, for all occasions and celebrations.

We’ve done well in St. Matthew’s in sticking to the requirements. It would be extremely annoying if we were to have restrictions re-introduced over failure to comply with the law!

We’ve come this far, thanks to good will from parishioners and generosity of time and talent from those who have agreed to become stewads. Ahuge thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding

Canon Robert J. Hill, Parish Priest


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