The Archdiocesan Administrator, Very Rev. Hugh Bradley has sent the following letter to all parishes, asking that it be circulated, and particularly to Catholic Teachers in the Parish. Here’s his message

I have been asked to send the attached document to all parishes, with the message below:

Dear Father,

The Archdiocese has supported Glasgow City Council’s efforts to staff Catholic schools with approved staff. As you will know, there are issues in filling all post in schools with approved teachers.

One way of recruiting and staffing our schools is to encourage teachers, currently in the non-denominational sector, to return or enter the denominational sector. There are many reasons why some teachers are in this position, I’m sure you are aware of this situation in your parishes and schools.

The attached document is being shared with staff across Glasgow City Council. It is good that you have sight of it before they do as our response to those who come to us will be important. If it is at all possible, we should seek to encourage Catholics to return to Catholic schools. If this means that we explain the Approval system to them and allow them the opportunity to see their place in the life of the Church, this is a positive step.

Thank you for your continued support.

Very Rev Hugh Canon Bradley
Diocesan Administrator

Archdiocese of Glasgow – Catholic Education

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