This Synod will be like no other in Catholic Church history.

For the first time (these synods have met every 2-3 years since just after the 2nd Vatican Council.

Delegates were sent to these sessions, who were expected to report back on what was discussed.

Now, thanks to the imaginative thinking of Pope Francis, and the development of of media capabilities, we can all be part of this Synod.

So, how are we supposed to be part of this Synod? Will this just be tokenism?

Certainly not!

People in parishes, the gathering of the local church, will be able to begin discussions.

We will be able to meet to discuss the materials which will have been circulated, and we will be able to pass our findings to the Archdiocese of Glasgow which will produce a single report of the discussions which have been taking place. These will then be sent on their way to Rome.

So where does St. Matthew’s fit in?

We had our first meeting 7.00 pm on Thursday 10 February. We may want another meeting , or we may feel happy with the discussions.

The consensus was that , since the preparation for the Synod was world wide, we should meet in our own synod of St. Matthew’s on the Thursdays of Lent

Please think about joining in this. This is a great chance to make our views heard.

Preparing in St. Matthew’s for the Roman Synod 2023

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