You may already have heard about the Synod, and what makes it different from others.

First, what is a SYNOD?

Simply, it’s the coming together of people, usually to discus/debate something.

Since the 2nd Vatican Council, the Catholic Church has held a Synod every few years.

For this Synod, Pope Francis has made a huge change. This time, the Synod will be for everyone, and not just a group of people with particular expertise on the subject.

For this Synod, Pope Francis wants ALL Catholics to be able to join in. This doesn’t mean a nice wee trip to Rome for us all. It’ll be a synod in which we take part in different ways.

First, members of every parish will discuss the topics of the Synod, and in 2023, Bishops from every part of the world and clergy and religious will gather in Rome, bringing together for discussion the findings of Catholics (and others) about the Church in their local areas.

We have been a bit late to get started, not least because we don’t have an Archbishop yet, but many parishes have begun the journey, and we intend to begin in just over a week from now.

The first stage in this model for the Synod is for parishioners to gather together and reflect (and pray).

The next step is one we will begin in just under a fortnight. This will be when members of the parish are welcome to come to the church and begin the process of prayer , reflection and discussion. If we find discussion has been (and I have no doubt it will be) fruitful, we’ll be invited to summarise our own discussion ands reflection, and that will be collated at deanery level. Then the deanery response, once approved by parishioners, will be passed to the Archdiocese to be collated with all other responses from the Archdiocese.

Our first meeting, open to all members of our parish, will be held in the church on Thursday 10 February, beginning at 7.00 pm

Please do come along if you can.

Watch this space for updates

The Next Synod of the Catholic Church – 2023

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