The Lord has risen from the dead, alleluia. The Easter message is joyful: for the pain and
sadness at the death of Jesus is replaced by the joy of new life as Jesus is raised from the dead.
The Easter message is hopeful: for it reassures us that life follows death, that pain and sorrow
will be overcome, and that the troubles we face in this life will not last and do not compare
with the joy that God has in store for us. May those who are suffering at this time, those with
family, health, or financial worries, those throughout the world whose lives are devastated by
the horror of war, find hope in the death and resurrection of Jesus. May there be peace in our
world and may the joy of the risen Christ fill our hearts.
+William Nolan, Archbishop of Glasgow
May I wish you every blessing and may your own faith be strengthened as you commemorate the
death and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus this Holy Week and Easter.

Easter Message and greeting from Archbishop Nolan

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