Summer is coming to a close. Autumn is approaching. Schools, colleges and other places of learning are up and running, nights are drawing in, and now, at long last, the parish website has been recovered and restored to working order by our amazing web mistress!

Because we’ve been off line for so long, we have a lot to catch up with.

First is the welcome prospect of a pastoral visit from Archbishop William Nolan, who will be making visits to all parishes in the Archdiocese of Glasgow in the coming months

Archbishop will stay in the parish for a weekend, will celebrate Mass and will try to meet as many people as possible. Watch out for updates on Archbishop Nolan’s visit to the parish.

Schools have returned and Secondary School students throughout the country are working hard on their Caritas programmes. We already have some students involving themselves in the parish and eslecially in the Church itself. If any aspiring Caritas Students are having difficulty in finding Caritas tasks and projects, they should contact Fr.Hill. There are plenty of tasks which are great for enhancing Caritas projects.

Apology from Fr Hill:

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