Beginning in the coming weekend there will be some significant and hopefully short lived changes to the provision of Mass in St. Matthew’s. Fr Hill will be absent from the parish due to health issues, so from this weekend Masses will be celebrated by African priests who are on summer break from their studies, and are . These priests will be supplying Masses and weekdays. in St.Matthew’s, while living in St. Dominic’s. Likewise any funerals for St. Matthew’s will be redirected to St. Dominic’s and to the priest who is attending to St. Matthew’s needs.

Any enquiries should be addressed to St Dominic’s parish to which phone calls should be addressed. When phoning about St. Matthew’s business, please dial the St. Matthew’s number (the one which is normally in use) 0141 772 1619.

On Sunday a full update on these temporary changes will be announced.

From Fr Hill:

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