In our new (temporary) home!

As of the Vigil Mass on Saturday 16 March, we will be using the hall as our temporary church.

Fr Hill writes: “A huge thanks to all who did so much work in clearing the church and setting up the hall as our new and temporary place of worship.

It was lovely seeing the hall transforming more and more into a place of worship which will serve us in the year ahead. No doubt we will encounter teething troubles and problems will need to be addressed as we come across them, but the enthusiasm of our community last week as we were closing the church, and the great sense of everyone wanting to make this work means, I think, that we are all eager and willing to embark on a journey together.

There will be some things we cannot do during the closure of the church, such as host the children’s liturgy, or have events like fayres and fun days, but I am sure that we will all be enriched by our ‘pilgrimage’ on the way to the return to our church. It will not be possible to leave the hall open from early morning until evening as we had done with the church, so we will open at 9.00 am and close at 11.00 am Monday to Saturday. On Sundays, we will open at 8.30 am and close 30 minutes after the last Mass, or after baptisms when they occur.

Some practical points: now that we will have THREE aisles, there will be no need for the distribution of Holy Communion at the back of the church (or the hall). With the exception of the very few people who cannot make their way to the front of the ‘church’, we will ask people to approach the sanctuary (which is the proper way to receive Holy Communion) by the centre aisle, and to return top their seats by the side aisles. This will take a bit of patience at first, and a wee bit of trial and error until we iron out the problems.

Most importantly, during this period of renewal of our building, let’s pray for a renewal of ourselves.”