St. Matthew’s Parish – First Communions 2020

Covid has halted and postponed so many celebrations and events – but now, we are delighted to announce, children of the Parish are about to celebrate their First Holy Communion. This great celebration would normally have taken place in May of this year, but COVID – 19 put paid to that idea…but even COVID could not stop this great celebration from taking place, albeit at a later time than usual, and under different circumstances from usual.

First Communions will take place over 4 Saturdays this year, beginning on 19 September, and being spread over four celebrations because of the restrictions and demands of social distancing.

BUT we had a great and memorable way this year to celebrate in a never to be repeated way for St. Matthew’s Parish…

Our First Communions were the very first celebrations to take place in the in the newly reopened St. Matthew’s!

Congratulations to the Frist Communicants themselves, and to their families.

And as always, a huge thank you to so many people who worked so hard to make our celebrations memorable for all the right reasons.

The list includes all staff in St. Matthew’s school, parish catechists and parish stewards who ensured that everyone was safe during this Covid pandemic.

Now that the First communions have bee completed, we have begin to use the church for all our liturgical functions, although again, social distancing will be the order of the day.

So, although we cannot attend this year’s First Communions in anything other than small numbers of family, I am sure we will all keep in our prayers the children, their families, teachers, catechists,and all who have and still are working so hard to ensure the church is ready for this major highlight of any year, but will be a landmark in the history of St. Matthew’s!